'Tis the Snow
'Tis the Snow short story stories

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Story of the people of a village who are fed up with the unexpected snowfalls and one day decided to find the secret behind this mystery.

'Tis the Snow

There was once a small village in the middle of nowhere.

At any point of time, if you ever visited this village, you will find the residents busy doing only a single task, shrugging off all the snow collected outside their houses.

And It's not that they are singing and dancing like the elves while doing this because they all hate this job. But the snowfall for them was not due to the change of a season. For them, It can happen at any time of the day.

Edgar, the oldest living soul in the village, started narrating one day, "Lads, at the beginning, there was no snow and we used to hang around all the time doing absolutely nothing" He inhaled a pipe, watching the others wiping snow of their porch,

"But It all changed one day when at first we saw something twinkled near the peak of that mountain and pretty soon afterwards we witnessed the first snowfall"

"I'll tell you what all of this means. It is a sign of magic you see. Someone out there, on the top of that mountain is doing this to us!", He concluded as the smoke from his pipe filled the lungs of the listeners.

One day, an energetic young man from the broads clan decided to step forward and take matters into his own hands.

He announced to all the villagers while flexing his muscles, "I will go to the top of that mountain and find out who is doing this to us!". The villagers were overjoyed with this. Better him than them, they all thought at once.

And so the day arrived when the whole village gathered together to cheer their hero on his epic journey to the mountain.

He took the blessings from the elders of the village and marched on in search for the truth.

For days and nights, he climbed the mountain, only resting briefly during the night.

Several times on his journey, he saw something twinkled at the peak after which there was always snowfall which made his journey more and more difficult each day.

But with sheer determination, he finally reached the peak of the mountain.

Once he reached the top, he braced himself for a combat but there was not a living soul on the mountain waiting for him. But when he looked upwards, he saw a rift in the sky just above him.

He climbed the solo tree at the top of the mountain to get a better view inside the rift.

As soon as he glanced inside the rift, he saw an eye staring at him through the rift and before he could even gather his thoughts, he suddenly lost his balance on the tree and fell down flat on the thick snow and went unconscious immediately.


"Dan, stop playing and get ready. We are getting late!" Dan was staring at a snow globe in the living room when he heard his mother shouting at him from the other room.

When she entered the living room and saw Dan in the same state as she left him an hour ago, she went upto and started dragging him away. "Mom! Mom! Look it moved!" Dan shouted while pointing at the snow globe.

"What moved?" She asked. "A man inside the globe! I saw him move!" Dan exclaimed.

But his mother was not interested in any of his fantasy stories today.

She kept dragging him away and poor Dan couldn't do anything other than to see himself drifting away from the globe.


The young man opened his eyes and found himself lying on the snow. His whole body hurts due to the fall but he didn't have any time to rest now. He needed to go back to the village as soon as possible. He now had a story to tell.

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