The Traveller
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Maya believes someone is following her.

Who is this Stranger? A friend, a relative or someone from her past.

The Traveller

It was dark.

She was reading her favourite book, the back to the future series.

She laughed.

But, then suddenly she saw two eyes looking at her through the window.

She shrieked.

Her parents came rushing towards her room, but whoever there was before, vanished in thin air.

And since that day, Maya believes someone is following her.

Maya was 8 years old when that incident happened. She first thought that incident was just a figment of her imagination. But, the sightings never stopped.

Whenever she thinks, she is just acting crazy and this can't be happening to her, some incident happen which proves otherwise.

It was just like another day. She was walking down the road, her eyes fixed on an article about time travel, which she found fascinating,

when suddenly her vision blurred with light. A fast approaching car was about to hit her. She froze at the spot. But at that very moment, someone grabbed her arm and pushed her aside.

For a brief moment, she saw those same set of eyes looking at her, The same eyes which she saw that day through the window. But, before she could say anything, the stranger vanished again.

She wanted to talk to others about this, her parents, her friends but there was no proof. How can there be evidences if this person comes and goes at wish without leaving any traces. Nobody is going to believe her if she tell all this. They will think she has gone mad.

But, deep down she knew there was something very odd about this stranger. Something which was very difficult to explain in words. There was a weird sense of familiarity with this person.

One day she decided to tell someone about this. She was in her physics class. She was trying her best to give attention to the lecture.

The topic was Stephen Hawking's theory that time travel can be possible one day. The teacher was one of her favourites. By the end of class, when everybody else left, she waited.

"Oh Maya, Looks like sometimes even the brightest ones feel disinterested in physics", Her Teacher laughed.

"Sorry Sir. I am bit distracted today". She answered.

"What happened?" He enquired with concern.

She narrated the whole story to him.

"Look Maya, Surely you cannot believe in anything supernatural." He spoke.

"I really don't know what to believe in sir." She pleaded.

Her teacher asked her to forget the incident and gave her a transcript of today's lecture.

It was while reading the transcript when she thought of something which she never considered before. Something which wasn't believable before.

She narrated the whole story to her teacher but left an important detail.

That Stranger's eyes, It was exactly the same as hers.

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