The Tin Factory
The Tin Factory tin stories

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This is the story of the people of this town, their factory and their hero.

The Tin Factory

There is a small town in the outskirts of the hills.

As you enter this town, you see a statue of a man in the middle of the town square.

The statue is made of tin. It's made by the people of this town in honor of a person who once was part of this town.

Let me take you in the past for there lies the story of the Tin factory.

This town once had nothing. The people were unemployed and poor. Most of the families struggled to even get two meals a day.

But it all changed when a very wealthy family arrived in this town.

They established this Tin factory and employed all the people of this town and within no time it completely changed the fortune of this town.

But, with the sudden demise of the owner of the factory, all the responsibilities to manage this factory fell in the hands of his son.

Unlike his father, who loved to interact with the workers of the factory and always keen to offer them whatever help they need,

the son kept himself locked inside his office and only when the day is finally over, people used to see him going out of the office back to his home.

Even if someone tries to greet him, he would never get any response from him.

On one Christmas Eve, the factory workers decided to decorate the factory. But when he arrived and saw the decorations, he immediately ordered them to remove the decorations and continue with their work.

The workers were hurt and disappointed. But they had no choice.

One day, a convoy arrived at the factory. One of the person in that was a foreigner who was the owner of many hotels around the nearby towns.

He entered the owner's office along with many of his lawyers.

One of the factory worker, somehow managed to eavesdrop on the conversation. But what he heard, he was petrified. He ran towards the other workers and narrated them the whole conversation.

"I want this land. Your father owned me a lot of money and you have no other choice other than to sell this land to me", the foreigner told the young owner.

The young owner was looking at the documents which was handed over to him as proof of the debts.

"This will be a good place for my new hotel. Tomorrow I will start with the demolition." the foreigner smirked in triumph.

The owner of the factory thought over this for a long time and then signed a document and hand it over to the lawyers.

On hearing this story, there was a dead silence among the workers. None of the workers slept that night. Thoughts of going unemployed again, was too much for them.

Next morning when they reach the factory with the expectations of seeing it getting demolished in front of their eyes, they were shocked to see that the factory stood as it is.

Only later they discovered what really happened in that meeting.

The young owner sold everything he had to save this factory and repay all the debts.

He then transferred the factory ownership to the people of this town and left overnight.

Nobody still know his whereabouts.

But, what they do know is that wherever he is, he is still their hero.

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