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A girl got fascinated by a message on the message board. A message which taught her something worth remembering.

The Message Board

A girl was sitting alone in a cafe in an evening.

She just had a huge fight with her husband and she just wanted to be alone for a while.

But wherever her eyes go, she saw couples laughing together, chatting together, eating together.

After finishing her coffee, she stood up and was about to storm out of the cafe when her eyes got stuck to a message board near the exit door.

She got fascinated by it and started reading the messages which people have left for one another on the message board.

Amongst the "I Love You" and "I Miss you" messages, one particular message caught her eye.

She removed the message from the board and start reading it.


Dear Jan, I know you will remember this but today 5 years ago we first met in this cafe.

It was raining that day and so we both sneaked into this cafe to get away from the rain and just like that we started talking to each other and lost all track of when the rain actually stopped.

I'll never forget that day.

It's been a year now since i am coming to this cafe daily, hoping to rewind that unfateful day when we fought and in anger you left the house and came here instead.

I still wished if we wouldn't have that fight, if I would have been with you instead then that accident would never have happened and you would still be here with me.

There are so many things which I wanted to say to you which now remain unsaid.


After reading the message, she immediately ran back to her house.

Her husband was sitting on the sofa watching an old album of theirs when he saw her at the front gate.

"Sorry!" They both said at the same time.

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