The Lost Planet
The Lost Planet adventure stories

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The story of a man on a solo expedition to the north pole.

But something extraordinary was in store for him.

The Lost Planet

It was -40 degree celsius.

The glacial winter wind was flowing at its peak.

A Polar Bear was standing on a thick mass of ice in the middle of a river.

A fish stuck between his sharp teeth, desperately trying to wriggle free.

But currently, his focus was not on his food, as he was staring at something right in front of him.

"Hi people, This is the Discovery channel and I am your host David, live from the north pole. What you are now witnessing in front of you is one of the most endangered species on Earth. The Polar Bear".

David was narrating this while also trying to film the polar bear using his camera, standing opposite on the bank of the river.

To his surprise, the polar bear seemed very enthusiastic to be on the camera as well. He too was staring right back at the camera with a fish stuck between his teeth.

As David turned around to face the camera now, the polar bear suddenly took a silent dive into the river.

He casually started swimming towards something which caught his attention. Something on the bank of the river.

For the millions watching this live on their tellies, this show was supposed to be just a regular monotonous feed.

Something which they occasionally stumble upon when they were out of ideas of what to watch next.

So, most of them were watching this with their eyes half-closed, while few just gave up after couple of minutes and were now at their peak of snoring prowess.

But within a span of minutes for the people watching this at their homes, the show twisted from a yawner to a thriller.

They shivered in horror as they saw in the background, a polar bear coming out of the river on to the bank and was now standing just a couple of steps behind this man who was on the screen right in front of them.

They shouted, they screamed at their tellies but it was not possible for their cries to reach the poor man.

To his dismay, he doesn't have a faintest idea of what was happening in the background while he himself was busy narrating about the polar bears.

"The temperatures on the north pole can decline upto -40 degree celsius in the winters, So the polar bears..." David stopped mid-sentence as he suddenly felt the presence of someone in very close proximity to him.

A bone-chilling shrill ran down in his body which has nothing to do with the cold outside.

As the audience clasped their breath, he finally turned around.

The Polar bear roared and immediately he collapsed unconsciously on the ice.

They all watched this in disbelief as the polar bear slowly dragged the unconsious man away from the camera.

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