The Happy Bot
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Story of a robot designed to keep kids happy and a girl who isn't happy anymore.

The Happy Bot

There was a flash on the television screen and a narrator spoke in a high pitched voice,

"RoboLabs are very happy to announce our latest addition, Kubo an AI powered next-gen robot which will be a perfect companion for your little ones."

A man appeared on the screen dressed in a white coat.

He adjusted his spectacles and narrated, "As we all know, each child is special in their own unique ways so what makes Kubo truly special is that it is designed to take the interests of the child into consideration."

"You see this heart-shaped indicator on Kubo, it glows each time a kid feels happy in its presence and each time it glows, its battery will charge automatically. But, if it fails to do its job, the battery will eventually die and Kubo will shut down."

The narrator then took Kubo near a kid who was wrecking havoc after being separated from his mommy. He powered on the bot and left it at the spot.

Kubo took a moment in scanning the child in front of it after which it started playing his favourite lullaby on its small screen.

The kid immediately stopped crying and started watching the lullaby with a perplexed look on his face. Within no time, he drifted into deep sleep and a peaceful smile rest on his face. And soon a faint glow appeared on the heart-shaped indicator.

Riya slammed her fist on the remote and the television went off.


Riya was in her room when she heard a knock on the door.

She opened the door and saw her foster parents in front of her with a broad smile on their faces. They gestured her to look behind them.

She glanced and saw a robot standing there, waving at her.

She immediately slammed the door shut.


Riya was now in the living room while Kubo was standing behind her, playing a funny clip from the road runner show for her. But, not for once did Riya glanced towards Kubo.

She was searching haphazardly among the video recordings on the shelf, looking for one particular recording. After searching for a long time, she eventually found the recording she was looking for.

She went and inserted the recording in the player, ignoring Kubo completely.

It was an old recording of her with her real mother which was the only recorded memory she had with her.

In the recording, she was sitting on the swing and her mother was standing behind her. "Higher!" She exclaimed and her mother started pulling the swing with force.

With a sudden thrust, she pushed the swing and Riya started flying higher and higher into the sky as the whole place filled with her laughter.

Riya stopped the recording abruptly. She went upstairs to her room with tears in her eyes.


The recording was again playing in the living room. Kubo was now watching the recording with curiosity in its eyes. It followed her every movement as she swings up and down in a flash but not for once did the smile faded from her face.

Kubo glanced at its heart-shaped indicator. Till now the indicator hasn't shone even briefly for once which means soon the battery will die and it will go back to the shelf from where it came from.


Next morning Riya was still in her bed when she heard a voice calling for her.

She recognised the voice immediately. The voice seemed to be coming from the lawn outside.

As she reached the lawn, breathless from all the running, she saw Kubo standing near a swing in the lawn. "Kubo? Was that you?" She asked. Kubo pointed at its screen where a recording was playing.

Her mother in the recording was calling her name, asking her to come out and play on the swing. Riya walked up to the swing and sat on it and Kubo started pulling the swing with its two robotic arms. "Higher?" her mother asked in the recording.

She nodded her head and just like before, she was away, flying into the sky and the whole place echoed with her laughter once again.

And the heart-shaped indicator on Kubo flickered briefly and then started glowing brightly for the first time.

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