The Farmer and the Thief
The Farmer and the Thief mystery stories

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Someone was stealing Farmer Henry's cows one by one but nobody believed him when he asked for help.

It was now upto Henry and his pet dog Snoopy to find out this thief.

The Farmer and the Thief

It was a fine evening and the golden hue of the sun was reflecting on the grass in the farm when Farmer Henry and his dog Snoopy were on a stroll across their farm.

The cows were busy eating the freshly sprinkled grass and seemed to not notice the duo.

"You see all this land Snoopy, My father left all this land for me when he died. He used to always say this one thing, Protect the land and the cattle and they will protect you in turn." Henry said.

Snoopy barked two times in acknowledgement.

"It was a shame that he died when one of his own cows kicked him right in the gut one morning" Henry continued.

Snoopy moaned a prayer.

"Howdy Sunday!" Henry spoke to a cow who was lying down idly on the grass.

Henry has seven cows and he thought what better way to name them other than on the days of the week and so this cow was named Sunday because it was the laziest amongst the lot.

Sunday didn't even Mooed. It just stared at him while chewing the cud.

Once they almost reached the fence, Henry turned around and said, "Time to go" and so together they went back to their home.


Henry was having trouble sleeping. He thought he heard a noise outside but as he looked out the window there was nothing.

He glanced at snoopy who was snoring amongst all this.

So, Henry tossed and turned in his bed and tried to get back to sleep.

But while Henry was busy getting back to sleep, suddenly there was a big flash outside and everything filled with light for a brief moment.


When next day Henry went to milk his cows, he saw instead of seven there were only six cows.

"Where the hell is Sunday?" He questioned the cows. They didn't have any answer.

But when the same thing happened again next day and he was left with only five cows now, he declared that it was time he did something about this.

So, here they were, on their porch in the middle of night, guarding the farm while listening to the radio in the background.

Henry was drinking beer while Snoopy was staring right at him.

"You want this?" He asked Snoopy.

Snoopy pushed his bowl towards him. He filled the bowl to the brim and pushed it back.

"Cheers!" He greeted and took a sip.

As they were enjoying the chilled beer on their porch, suddenly a rift opened in the sky and the whole place filled with a flash of light as something huge entered the atmosphere.

"Oh! you got to be kidding me!" were the only words which came out of Henry's mouth as he saw the flying saucer slowly moving towards the barn and within a second one of the cows came out flying and went inside the spaceship.

Then the spaceship entered the rift again and the rift closed immediately.

Henry took another sip from the beer. He really needed one after witnessing all this. While Snoopy started barking suddenly.

"They left you idiot!" Henry exclaimed.


Henry was sitting inside the police station.

He came here to register a complaint against the thievery but unfortunately, the inspector opposite him was laughing his socks off after hearing the whole incident.

"Can you please tell them also this story one more time?" The inspector asked as he gestured other police officers also to come join him at his desk.

When Henry finished narrating the incident again, the whole police station was rolling on the floor with laughter.

"Look old boy, you should check what you are drinking nowadays, It ain't milk i think!" The policeman joked and again they all joined in this laughter fest.

"Schmucks!" Henry spoke in anger and stormed out of the police station. He knew he needed to take the law in his own hands now.


It was midnight again and this time they were ready.

Henry with his shotgun while snoopy had a steel pan between his teeth.

Again the rift opened and the spaceship entered.

But before it started approaching the barn, Henry took aim at the spaceship and fired. The bullet didn't came near the spaceship and got deflected away instead.

Snoopy immediately dropped the pan.

But suddenly the spaceship stopped moving. It's door slide opened and a beam of light came down and hit the ground. Through that beam, a thing also came down from the spaceship and started walking towards them.

Henry adjusted the shotgun to target the stranger.

But the stranger had its hands in the air as it approaches them.

"Please don't attack. I mean no harm!" The visitor spoke in a mechanical voice.

"Blimey! You can speak our tongue?" Henry questioned.

"Yes! We have a device through which we can speak any language in the whole galaxy" The visitor was pointing at a collar around his neck.

Henry offered the beer as courtesy but his guest declined.

"Why are stealing my cows?" Henry came straight to the point.

"Our planet is a vegetarian planet and we all are farmers like you but because of a draught, we have a big shortage of food supply. But then we found out that humans produce dairy products and use that as a food source also"

"So we needed milk for our research. One day I was hovering over this area when I saw cows grazing over this land. I thought they were stray cows so I took them onboard." The alien explained.

Henry was carefully listening to all of this. All this made perfect sense to him when he put himself in the shoes of an alien farmer. So, he decided to help his fellow farmer.

He made a deal with his guest that if it returns all his cows back then he can provide him his daily supply of milk for research. The alien agreed and happily offered anything else also in return.

But Henry needed only one other thing.

And so just like before, Henry and Snoopy were sitting on their porch, enjoying their beer while watching the spaceship leaving in front of their eyes.

"Hell of a night right?" Henry asked.

"Hell of a night!" Snoopy replied back in a mechanical voice.

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