The Dream Girl
The Dream Girl short story stories

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The world was about to end today but for Jim, there was something far more important that he need to do before that happens.

He need to find the mystery girl, the girl from his dreams.

The Dream Girl

There was a cage hanging in the air as if invisible threads were holding it at bay.

Inside the cage was a young girl. Her head bowed down, her hands closed down on the bars of the cage.

Many times before, she tried her best to escape from this cage but after endless failures, she finally gave in.

A tear formed in her eyes and dropped down to join the puddle of tears already on the floor of the cage.

Then suddenly a man appears, flying amidst the clouds, with only a single aim in his mind. He approached the cage and as soon as he puts his hands on the bars of the cage, the bars disappeared.

And the girl inside the cage, finally lifted her head.


Jim was lying on his bed and the alarm clock was ringing by his side. He could hear the alarm clock even in his sleep but still he was resisting the urge to wake up from it.

After watching this dream for a countless number of times, he was finally able to see the face of the girl who kept appearing in his dreams. So, now if he had any choice in this matter, then he would choose to remain in this dream forever.

But to his dismay, the dream ended abruptly and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't return back to his dream. Finally, he punched the alarm clock in its face and woke up to find himself late for work again. In a total frenzy, he got out of his bed and ran around to get himself ready in time.

Once or twice he heard a commotion outside but he was too pre-occupied with himself currently and had no time to indulge himself in any of the neighbourhood concerns.

But when he eventually stepped outside, he saw a pile of cars jammed against each other on the road outside his house. It was a strange sight because even in the busiest of days, he never saw any traffic on this road ever since he came to live here.

As he glanced to his left, he saw his neighbours filling the trunk of their car with heavy suitcases.

Out of curiosity, Jim shouted at the top of his voice, "Hey Dan, What is the fuss about? Are you guys going out somewhere?"

Dan was busy re-arranging the suitcases in his car, so he took some time before answering, "Haven't you seen the news today? they are saying that the world is going to end today!".

Jim laughed at this. Dan wasn't known for his humour so Jim has to agree that this was still one of his better ones.

But, then he saw a SOS message on his phone along with a bunch of missed calls from his friends and family.

The message read, "All the citizens are advised to leave their houses immediately and reach to their designated pick up points immediately!"

So now when he glanced at the faces of the people in his neighbourhood, he only saw fear and panic in their eyes. But in his head, there was a different thought altogether.

He need to find the girl.


While the rest of the cars on the road were desperately trying to get out of the city, he was driving into the city like a maniac.

In all honesty, he had no clue of her whereabouts, no idea of where to even begin his search. For a brief moment, he even considered that maybe, like others, she too had left the city already. But somehow his instincts were saying otherwise and he need to make sure of this at any cost.

He reached the town square and stopped his car in the middle of the road. The town square which could often be seen bursting with people at any point of time is now completely deserted.

A faint music from a violin suddenly filled the air. Jim turned around and saw a violinist standing in the opposite corner, playing the violin, even though there was no one around to appreciate his performance.

It was as if this had a much deeper meaning to what a naked eye could see. It was as if the violinist was bidding his farewell to what was once his home, our home.

It was only when the music stopped that Jim approached him. But before he could speak, the violinist asked first, "You have come here, looking for someone?". Jim nodded his head.

The violinist didn't probe any further and neither did Jim. For a brief moment they just stood there in silence, two lost souls, in a world which was about to end.

But then the violinist started playing again and something struck Jim. He suddenly remembered that he was here that day, the day when he first saw her.


He was now knocking at every door in the neighbourhood, hoping to find her behind one of these closed doors. But none of the doors answered his call because there was probably no one left to answer anyway.

The day suddenly turned dark as the shadow of the asteroid eclipsed the sun. He was running out of time.

But then as he passed a door, he heard a muffled cry coming from inside. He immediately ran towards the door and slammed it open.

The house was a mess, with broken things scattered everywhere but somehow he managed to step inside as he saw a girl, sitting on the floor with her head bowed down and her arms stretched out.

He ran towards her and gently took her arm as she glanced towards him with mesmerised eyes. He helped her up on her feet and then together they both stepped outside the house.

She had so many questions for the stranger who was walking by her side, holding her hand, but now was not the time for that. They just walked in silence towards his car which was parked in the middle of the town square.

When she finally rested in her seat, Jim glanced towards the corner, hoping to find the violinist again but there was no one standing there now.

He sat in his car and put his foot on the accelerator as the voice on the radio announced that the last passenger ship to moon is about to leave any minute now.

She finally glanced towards him as they hit top speed on a highway and whispered, "By the way, I am Jane!"

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