Journey into the Afterlife
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An extraordinary journey into the afterlife and it was nothing like they show in the movies!

Journey into the Afterlife

"Wake up Son", A Voice called out.

I was lying flat facing the floor.

I half opened my eyes and saw that I was in some sort of a hall. Everything was white as snow here, The floor, the pillars.

I felt peaceful.

I knew I have reached where I was always destined for.

After all the great things I have done while my time on Earth, I knew that I was destined for where the greats belong,

where people like Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln must have gone to once they did some of the okayish stuff while they were here on earth.

They could have done more if you ask me, they had such a huge following compared to mine.

"Wake up or I will hit you!" The Voice wasn't as calm as before now.

"God?" I asked while getting up on my feet.

"I am not God. I am just a Gatekeeper.

There was a bald guy sitting behind a desk with his spectacles on, looking through some kind of paperwork. Looking at him, I instantly knew that he belonged to a species you can find in any government building.

I went upto him.

He looked at me from head to toe. I knew he was trying to make sense of what I was wearing.

I was wrapped in an orange blanket like a buddhist monk, with a turban and a fake beard and my favourite sunglasses on.

I looked like a border-line hippy If he might have stolen few clothes on the way.

He looked disturbed with my attire. He clapped his hand and just like a wave hits you, my entire attire was transformed. I was wearing shirt and trousers now, of course in plain white.

"Coool, Does this works only for clothes?" I was impressed.

He wasn't.

"I know you must have got a lot of questions. You will find the answers for all of them. After all you have an eternity now.". He laughed at his own joke. I gave him a stern look. It was an embarrassing attempt at a joke.

"The thing I am about to tell you is very important for you to understand. I have gone over all the paperworks of what you have done during your time on earth."

After this, he went on and on about his job and how does he achieve all this paperwork, all of which went over my head.

"Now, This felt like an eternity!" It was my turn to laugh now.

"We have reached a conclusion." He was now looking serious.

"And?" I asked.

"So, the way the metric system works here is that based on the good and the bad deeds you have done in your lifetime,

you will go either to heaven or hell depending on which one is higher." He adjusted his spectacles.

"But in your case, the metric system fails. It shows a perfect zero." He showed the paper which he was studying all this while.

It was blank like my mind.

"It seems like you have done nothing of note during your time on Earth." He concluded.

He was right and I must say, I wasn't surprised at all by this.

My parents told me that last week,

My teacher told me that in my graduation ceremony,

My gf told me that while dumping me,

even my dog told me that when it ran away one day during our evening stroll.

"What are my options?" For once, I was serious.

"Do you see a train behind me? Take this train and It will take you through all the moments in your life where you had to make a decision and you chose not to."

"Based on what you think you should have done in that moment, you be will be placed either in hell or heaven". He then looked behind him.

There was a train waiting there.

I hopped onto the train and felt a deep sensation in my stomach. It was growing upwards and almost reached my throat.

"Thank You" I shouted at the top of my voice towards the bald man.

And with that the train left.

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