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This is the life story of Mr. Bear in his own words.

Fantastic Mr Bear

Hello guys.

It's me, Mr. Bear.

Well I was once pretty famous.

You must have seen me in movies such as the Jungle Book, that was my acting debut and you have to say, what splendid acting right?

I was nominated for a oscar for my role but only narrowly missed out to Mr. Fox from Fantastic Mr Fox. Well that was a bummer.

But still it brought stardom to my life and I got to see the world from the eyes of a celebrity and I must tell you, the world looked pretty amazing.

I got an ad campaign for a honey brand and with that a free supply of unlimited honey.

I used to drink honey, swim in a pool of honey and what not.

It was during one of those ad shoots in Paris when I met future Mrs. Bear.

She was already a star. Everybody was talking about her beauty and her lovely voice and that made me really nervous to even approach her.

But one day I found her sitting alone at the bar, and I thought to myself, if there was ever a day when I have to show my charm, it was today.

I decided to use one of my lines from the jungle book movie and spoke in Baloo's accent, "You better believe it!".

She turned around to face me and when I saw her, she was already smiling and so long story short, your humble narrator is not a bachelor anymore.

But as life usually does, after reaching the heights, the fall was inevitable.

I used to spend all my earnings as they arrive and one day I got to know from my lawyer that I am officially broke now.

So, it was time for me to do this the hard way. I searched for jobs but there weren't many jobs for a lazy bear like me.

I found one at the honey company for which I was. previously doing the ad campaign. Well they didn't had any choice also. Somehow I had to pay for the honey which I was drinking all this while.

The job was to extract the honey from the beehive and collect it. At the end of the day, based on how much I collect, I was to be paid.

Also It turned out they don't pay you if you feel hungry while doing this and then drink whatever you have collected.

So, it was a case of mastering your instincts. Also I have to say Mrs Bear played a big role in this.

She reminded me that if I don't get this one right, she will leave me for good this time.

And so, with the help of these motivating words and a little bit of effort, I started collecting just about enough honey to repay my debts.

Today I am again rich and successful. After working for a long time in that company, I finally bought the company and then decided to cast Mr. Fox for the ad campaign.

I hope he also doesn't know about savings!

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