An Unfortunate Day
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aakashtiwari A Storyteller
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It was very difficult to get the story of this unfortunate day out from Mr Patel.

We hope you will have sympathy for him after reading this.

An Unfortunate Day

Mr. Patel was a man of discipline and punctuality.

He was a man of class, a true gentleman.

He believed a true gentleman should be always well dressed whatever the day might be.

So, even if its summers and people are often seen in loose clothes, he doesn't change his attire.

Any day of the week, if you see Mr. Patel walking down the street, he will be in his suit with a hat on top and a briefcase by his side.

If you ask him, he might say that he will be happy to die in this same attire.

But one fateful day everything changed for him.

It was a Monday.

He woke up very late that day. "It was due to that damn alarm clock", Mr Patel told us as he tried to remember that unfortunate day of his life. He took a bath and hurriedly had his breakfast.

He looked at the clock, It was almost time to reach his office. He sighed in disbelief. He was never late in his entire life.

So, in a hurry, he took his briefcase and his hat and left his home abode.

As he reach the street, he immediately recognised his mistake and so did the people on the street.

In his hurry to reach his office on time, he forgot to put his suit on.

And so here he was, standing under the sun, in only his underpants (thank god for that), with his hat on, his skin exposed for observation and carrying his briefcase by his side.

The people on the street stood in awe of this. He tried his best to cover his body with the help of the briefcase but it was like a drop in an ocean. Poor briefcase couldn't even cover his belly.

When a situation like this occurs in the life of a gentleman, he only really has two choices.

Either to run as fast as he could to his home and hope that people forget something of this sort ever happened. Well this is a choice for an athlete for they are in habit and in shape.

But, Mr Patel doesn't even remember the last time he ran for anything. So, for him, there was only one choice.

So, for a moment as he stood there, it was just silence with only the wind providing the background music.

People on the street kept looking at each other, some of them even trying to read others mind. They were all on the same boat in this.

Mr Patel decided it's time to accept his fate. He spread his arms, bowed down with his hat and was ready to embrace whatever comes next.

But to his surprise, something weird happened.

The People on the street started clapping for this extraordinary show. Few even whistled. They went upto him and shook his hand.

So, even though time flies and that incident is now a long way in the past, The people of this town still remember the legend of the "naked man".

Something for which Mr Patel is still pretty annoyed.

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