An Honest Officer
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Officer Joy is trying to be an honest officer and if anyone says otherwise, he will not be happy.

An Honest Officer

Office Joy is an honest officer.

Everybody knows that.

His superiors know that.

His colleagues know that.

Even the criminals know that.

Maybe that's the reason that his record is clean as a slate, clean because he never really caught anyone.

He works in the Income Tax department. His job is simple but full of challenges.

While most of the people in this department gets transferred from different departments for some reason or another, He always wanted to work in this department.

"We have a very important task in our hands fellas, to capture the criminals who steal money from our government. " He announced from his seat even though no one was listening.

The criminals in the cells clapped though. They were with him on this.

But, even though his determination and love for the job was upto the mark, having not caught a single criminal till now was a big blot on his carrier,

something for which he was teased every single day in the office.

As an Income Tax Officer, you have to do certain things to be successful,

First, you have to create a network of snitches. This is very important as it's not possible for anyone to scan the records of individuals and identify the glitches.

So, the idea was, bait the smaller fishes to get to the sharks.

So, when one day, someone came to Officer Joy with an information about a certain politician, he got into action and arrested the snitch instead.

"He shouldn't have taken the information without proper permission" was his response when his superior asked him about the incident. The superior was left speechless after this.

But, one day he was told that if he didn't arrest anyone by the end of the day, he will be transferred from this department to the traffic department.

"I didn't know there is a requirement for a tax officer in that department sir", He asked his boss.

"There isn't", He smiled.

Now he must do something to save his job.

This story would have ended on a sadder note if not for what happened next.

For quite sometime, he was researching records of a certain businessman and found some irregularities.

He thought of discussing with that businessman and so he forwarded all the information he had and asked for an appointment. To his surprise, the businessman accepted the request immediately.

Before arriving at the office of the businessman, he didn't had any idea who he really was.

But when he arrived and saw that the number of people who were there as this person's bodyguard was in fact more than the people who worked in his department, he knew, he was now in uncharted waters.

"Please sit down Officer", Don Vincent gestured the officer towards a vacant seat.

He sat down although he couldn't stop himself from noticing that on the floor there was another person trying his best to sit. He doesn't look at all happy to be here.

"You know why I invited you here?" He asked.

"I am guessing not for drinks". The Officer answered.

"You are right. For many years I was under the impression that the money which I was laundering so that you people remain in the dark, was saving my neck. But in truth I was actually getting robbed.

"You see, Me, the Don, himself was getting robbed!" He laughed on his own joke.

He pointed at the person sitting on the floor who couldn't dare to meet his eyes.

Officer Joy left after that confrontation but still he was disappointed. He still hasn't caught anyone which meant only one thing for him.

Next day, when Officer Joy came to the office and was ready to pack his stuff, his Boss informed him that his Job is safe forever now.

He didn't caught a fish that day, He caught a whale.

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