Always there for You
Always there for You fathersday stories

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A short story dedicated to the Father's day.

Always there for You

She was waiting anxiously.

It was a big day for her.

Today she was going to perform in front of thousands of people at her school.

She dreamt of this day since she first started dancing. So, even though this was all real it still felt like a dream to her.

Then she heard the announcer calling her name.

Her vision got blurred by the lights as she entered the stage. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the crowd in front of her. The whole auditorium was packed with people.

But her eyes were still looking for someone special in the crowd.

And then suddenly there was complete silence.

The announcer glanced at her for a signal.

She nodded her head. She was ready now.

The music began and she started following the rhythm.

But then suddenly one of her heel broke down and she crashed on the stage.

As the music stopped and silence took over again, she nervously looked at the faces of the audience. Seeing the disappointment on their faces, she couldn't force herself to stand up.

A tear fell down from her face on the floor.

But then all of a sudden, a man from the audience started forcing his way towards the stage.

They tried to stop him but he was unstoppable.

He climbed the stage and gathered the girl on her feet.

He nodded at the announcer and so the music started.

He thumped his feet, waved his hands as he started dancing on the stage in front of the awestruck audience.

And the girl with a smile on her face now, started following his every movements.

He was her teacher.

He was her best friend.

He was her father.

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