A Wild West Tale
A Wild West Tale squirrel stories

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A duel was about to happen which never happened before.

The winner gets all.

A Wild West Tale

The world is filled with famous rivalries.

Manchester United vs Liverpool.

Kane vs Abel.

Superman vs Batman.


Me vs the Squirrel.

It happened a few months ago.

I was on my terrace, enjoying the afternoon, lying flat while facing the full blaze of the sun on my back. I was recharging my batteries.

It was all going as per my dream when suddenly I felt something soft near my feet. It was a squirrel. I was shocked to see this creature in such close proximity to a human.

I was under the impression that they easily get scared of us, but this one was clearly among the braver ones.

I looked into its eyes and saw my own reflection. Neither of us moved a muscle. It was a game of who flinches first and I was never going to loose this game.

I saw the Squirrel's eyes flicker for a moment. I followed its gaze and saw that it was looking at the walnut which I kept as my afternoon meal. There was someone ready to hijack my meal.

It was like a scene from a Client Eastwood movie.

The wind was blowing.

The clothes drying.

On one end it was me.

While on the other end it was the squirrel.

And in between the walnut.

The winner gets to enjoy the afternoon meal while the loser had to spend its time craving for one. So, neither of us was willing to loose this battle at any cost.

But, it all happened in a flash. Before, I could realise that the Squirrel has begun the attack, the walnut was gone. While I just stood there, as if lightning has stuck me.

I thought this was how it was going to end. With the Squirrel and the walnut gone, I was left to narrate this story like a loser to the world.

Until I saw what really happened.

Half of the walnut was still there. Waiting for me.

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