A Shopkeeper's Dilemma
A Shopkeeper's Dilemma shirt stories

aakashtiwari A Storyteller
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It's not at all easy being a salesman. This shopkeeper will tell you why.

A Shopkeeper's Dilemma

One day a shopkeeper opened a shop full of shirts,

He painted, He polished, He removed all the dirts.

Red, Green, Yellow or Blue, there was plenty in galore,

Come buy anything you want, or just come to explore.

One day I will be rich he thought and put the sign for open,

Customer is always the king, was his only slogan.

He sat, He slept, He waited for months,

Only people who came were just stupid random punks.

But, one fateful day, two gentleman came at once, looking for something special,

For the shopkeeper, It was just like in a desert if you see a petal.

They explored everything he had but nothing drew their attention,

Seeing each of his shirt getting rejected, it just added to his tension.

Deep among the pile of shirts, the shopkeeper swam,

Until he pulled out something, for which both of them nodded like a lamb.

And so a bidding war started and the shopkeeper was in joy,

what was the actual price of the shirt, he left in coy.

But it was soon when they realised, this is just a mistake,

We can surely get two of these at the bigger store, the one by the lake.

And so the shopkeeper left pondering, was all this in vain?

But, in his business, he remembered, there is always pain before any gain.

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