Doped Manifold
Doped Manifold kill stories

aakashshah Poet and fan of fiction
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A wicked heart-break poem....

Doped Manifold

Six inch deep, is buried a sin

in sacred goddess, under whom I preach

A key to keep, scars under my skin

a beauty tigeress, beyond my reach

Leapt on bed, smelled of rose

charm she wore, made for ghost

Lips blood red, inferno arose

beautiful whore, Queen of most

Yet I saw, on fruits of hope

deep craving, for my heart

Stained warsaw, flower of dope

still stealing, my lustful art

A present cropped, a crown lost

tribute of treason, doped manifold

A future chopped, vicious frost

without reason, stole my gold

Begged for freedom, asked for hope

in my dilemma, I lost both

In the death's dome, shadows of dope

cursed by emma, left without cloth

Yet I still, would reap her heart

heavens dove, in her adobe

No curse for this kill, searched to depart

for new love, across the globe...

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