The Dinner Table
The Dinner Table  valentines-day-contest stories

aadithyaasundar Community member
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What happened when we decided to meet at The Dinner Table?

The Dinner Table

I was waiting for you at the dinner table ...

Trying to calm my hands which were not so stable

I ran the script again in my head …

Rehearsing the dialogues which I wrote yesterday in my bed

Trembling with fear what this meeting had to hold ...

Will I be able to pop the question was never to be told

Just then …

You came through the gate like a breeze

While I dreamt of going down on my knees

You looked stunning the way you always do

And I was nervous, about my shoelaces which were still undo

Your footsteps matching my beat ...

And I was shivering, to open my arms to greet

You are wondering how this story was going to end ...

And here I am …

Just waiting for the written to happen.

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