Undefined !
Undefined ! yes she is stories
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aaashi Humans, not places, make memories.
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Undefined !

Undefined !

Realisation of Who am I ? She is not the one who you get to meet everyday !

Born to care for those who were born to hurt her !

Never dared to prick others with words and actions ! She is the undefined page of a old torn book who wishes that someone on someday will try reading her šŸ’™

She firmly believes none ! when she piles up her trust on the one , whom she thinks they deserve her true care and love, the person must act in such a way that she is not just a page worth reading, she is a book where each page needs trust , love , loyalty to turn over the next.

The one who completes the book will be rewarded. She is the one with Clumsy hair , No make up look, Nerdy, Secretive too !

She enhances bitterness By way of accepting all non cheesy attempts ! Not so filmy and glam Yet elegant in her way ! šŸ’™

Yet she exists With anxiety pinned Frustrations over Still craving for the real To the sky

Holding her dreams Chanting her ideas An empowered woman !!! Yes, she deserves to be šŸ’™

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