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aaashi Humans, not places, make memories.
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Eyes speak !

Silence šŸ’™

At 8pm night , with thunders and lightning all over ... Emptyness surrounded the two souls who gazed each other since they got into the car !

They really don't have anything to share than the amount of love they were sharing ! šŸ’™

Silence prevailed ... Yet they didn't stop looking into each other's eyes ! With little sound of rain drops hitting the roof of the car, the husky breath of them made them realise they are still in this world !

Frogs croak at times Ensuring the couple to stay in the reality world ! With intense silence and deep dark enrolled all over, the couple never wanted to end their journey !

Continued looking each other Uttering the words BYE She opened the door and sighed With huge pain in her eyes

Her eyes conveyed the message of the day to him ! .....I MISS YOU ..... With never ending thoughts and love he drove the car ! šŸ’™

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