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aaashi Humans, not places, make memories.
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Lost in her world šŸ’™

Lost šŸ’™

With collapsed mood, striving hard to regain self realisation. Walked into a room, Suddenly..... Wondering, what am I doing here? Returned with empty hands and thoughts !

Worrying at times For no reason ! Skipping food For no reason ! Lost in thoughts For no reason !

Making pillows wet Every night For no reason ! Overthinking For no reason ! Staring the fan At 2 am For no reason !

Is it really possible to do these activities with no reason ? Yes it is ! Such ppl do exist !

Don't think they have no reason to behave like such non sense. They have whole lot of things creeping in their minds, Such that they don't know to which thing they really need to worry about ?

By A girl Lost in thoughts Whole lot of time šŸ’™

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