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Just a little try to write.

Best Friends...

"They say enemies at first become the best friend at last" She dint believe them Until She met him Little him and her Were pole apart But Now, Without each other their life is apart

They fight over who texted first She says it's on him He says it's on her While they both know It's the best thing ever happened His lames joke Brightenes her mood While her loud laugh Made his day When they are together It made dream come true If they had one friend left They would wish each other

They never pondered on what to talk It is always an endless conversation While they hate to share their food They would happily sacrifice part of their plate So the other one could have lill more

While they insult each other every second But a tear in each other's eye Would make them kill The reason it happened for While world teased them for being lovers They called each other best friends Yet they know their bond is too strong to have a name

They planned to grow old together No matter what comes in Isn't this the bond universe made?

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