Holler ''The Blind''
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A pure man was on a long, beautifull, sightseeing journey, seeking the truth about humanity and the universe, or so he was...

Holler ''The Blind''

''Don't go near him Elli! You have to learn to listen to your Mother!''

''Indeed, tell her not to go too close to that insane bastard.''

''He was crazy enough to take his own vision, he wouldn't flinch to take your daughter's too!''

''How long has it been? 35 years? 40 years? Keeping up with time is such a drag at my age....''

''Anyway, it has been really long since I met that damned Jar-Ghost in the South District of Zedek....''

''If I think about it, who was as insane as me to cross the Lotan Desert all on his own? What a young fool I was....''

''Oii, Gramps let's go, I got everything we need for dinner from the local market!''

''Yes, I was foolish, foolish to seek the truth, and when I found it, it was like a curse, I didn't want it, I didn't know it was like this! This? This?! This... is the truth?!...''

''I felt myself drowning, deeper and deeper, in the middle of all this ''Truth'', I couldn't take it anymore and I didn't want to die as well....''

''So I found a solution, that will free me from the ''Truth'' but will trigger the same ''Truth'', to appear in another form, one that I could hear....''

''The solution, to hide from that new form of the ''Truth'', is living in the outskirts of the village, more prone to danger but less prone to encounter people who know about me...''

End of Part 1 Want the next part? Leave a Like and maybe a comment? Thank You so much for reading the first part of the story! A.A

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