The First.

                        The First. short story stories

a_wanshi Fiction made me smile more than reality.
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The First a short story, the ending was sure something I was even shocked at.

The First.

The knock on the door made me come out of my thoughts. "The next one is here, Angel" I gazed up, the blue-winged incubus was looking at me. I nodded to bring the next creature in.

The crystal rods ringed against the soft door frame, as they brought the cage in. The small-bodied animal was paler than paper,

Well, death does have consequences.

For a second I thought I didn't recognize it. But after a close look, I know who it was.

"Even I was a little startled Azrael, never really thought they could make it." The guard smirked and said. I scoffed at him but looked upon the creature, It indeed was something I thought would never happen.

For the first time in ages, For the first time in history, Heaven had its first human.

-A. Wanshi.

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