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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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I feel bad because I've got no clue what to say but I appreciate feedback!


In a cruel world of sin, you are utopia

The granduer of your yellow tinted eyes

Ensares me and berates me with claustrophobia

While you predict your own demise

A ghost too soon, lost in your mind

Too far gone from the sands of time

What will it take for me to help you unwind?

Going young is tasteless for such a dime

You are bewilderment, polish, and symmetry,

A notion of beauty in a town of unimportance

Like a stinging toxin in my chemistry,

Followed by an overwhelming feeling of discordance

Tear me down, build me up, follow the feeling inside of your gut

Let it out into me, let me assist in your constitution

I'll make it so it won't be your life you'll smut

If only it was simple enough for me to be your solution

I know that I'm not what you need

I couldn't begin to acess a single emotion

I wouldn't be able to get a lead

I'd erode you with the force of my ocean

Love is cruel at best

We fall for the ones that'll put us to the test

It'll hurt us till the day we rest,

But none of that matters when my head's on your chest.

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