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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Suffer With Me

Accept me into your humble abode

I'll warm the hearth to keep out the cold

You'll be in good hands, I'll treat you with care

I'll divide your stress while you lay naked and bare

I know that independance is your underlying crutch

You require solidity, a stalwart entity

You've forgotten that it's my heart you've entraped in your clutch

While you may be cold and withdrawn, that's not my identity

Delusioned at the thought I may be your remedy

For I am warm and aloof, that might be foreign to you

But in my eyes you're a field of serenity

You're the textbook definition of that which is new

But this feeling might not ever be fruitful

With that flowery coat 'round your pupil

That draws me into a surreal guise

Without the need of any lies

Being with you now leaves nothing unusual

But a faint call from my heart in my chest

Pleading for an early removal

Before it speaks to my head and I become possesed

With love, devotion, and all of the feelings your mind can't digest.

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