March 27th
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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I'll remember today forever.

March 27th

You'd been on my mind all day, in one way or another

My plan was to take these thoughts, in the back of my head they'd smother

Discussing you with the others had my left my head reeling

Lost over the thoughts of the past, thoughts of that nostalgic, tranquil feeling

So I stood above my demons and followed you out back

Kept my mouth glued to my heart, so emotion was something that I couldn't lack

I walked up to you with tears crystalizing as they suddenly reached a downpour

As you turned and greeted me with the warmth I'd yearned for

While I spewed apologies from the top of my head

You looked back at me with a demeanor that was distant to that of the aforesaid

With a genuine glisten of care in your eye, as the tears rolled down your cheek

I looked at you and told you "Loving you has made me weak

We built this foundation on a swamp of toxicity,

So we can't help but sink in an ocean of complicity"

I held you close as our tears draped our clothes

But looking you dead in the eyes caused these words to be composed

The words we shared left our lips with a meaning,

One that was meant to be the antonym of demeaning

Still, our first moments were brief

But yet, like the fleeting look you'd get at a thief

You'd left an impression on me, as you struggled to lock away your tears

You left my head turning like well greased gears

So I walked back up to you and asked if I could walk you back home

The nostalgia of walking next to you made it feel like were being filmed in monochrome

But we walked the same path we'd walk every day,

As I told you all the things I'd thought since you've been away,

Of the bad and the good, I let your ears be the scales

To weigh out my true feelings tucked behind my tales

As we sat down, wet in the snow

My true feelings for you, I did bestow

I hope it didn't get lost in translation

As the words I spoke filled me with liberation

You now know how much I wanted to help you

So when I look back on it and start to review

I've always acted in your best intentions

But I've never been a self-help section

I know you understand that I didn't want this to end in distrust

But I let myself get encaptured so deeply in lust

Binding me to the thought of you,.

Lost inside your ocular sunrise, I'd thought love couldn't be more true

Yet I see now that I couldn't have been more wrong

Love bears a wonderful, healthy song

Yet I'd be lying to say that you've left not even a trace

You're the reason I've got this smile stuck to my face

My love for you is likely never going to erase

For you're not someone anyone will ever replace

I'll never forget the feeling of your embrace,

Because you've left a mark on me that's helped me grow,

It's impossible to try to deface

As my potential begins to overflow.

Thank you again for letting tonight happen as it did

Allowing me to come clean with everything I'd felt

While at most, we're nothing more then just kids

I hope these words come across as mature and heartfelt.

I've missed you since the day you left.

But to love, my heart is far from deft

So I'll take these days I have left without you

And turn it into a way for my character to renew.

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