Love, Seperated
Love, Seperated pain stories
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Love, Seperated

What would you define as love?

Is it the uneasiness in my gut when choke on my words?

Is it the unfufillment I get when I let my delusions run free?

When I work myself up till the tears take away my ability to see?

But Alas, to my true feelings down I must shove

Set neatly aside in thirds

One for the woe I feel when you write me off

Caught in bold emotions, too substanial for speech

Two for the lust you make me feel

When you offer yourself back to me, with your gentle appeal

For when I indulge into you like the liqour you quaff

From your lustful eyes do I leech

Three for the happiness inside of my head

When I lay my hands upon your back

As I work out the dents in your canvas

Seeking to find the secrets of your apparatus

Whether that may be in a car or inside of your bed

I'll give you the somber relaxation you lack

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