Don't Trust Beauty
Don't Trust Beauty stories

a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Wrote this in between comp matches on OW, let me know if it's any good

Don't Trust Beauty

Born inside a war torn ocean,

Was a crab who upholds to bold emotion

Caught witin a blinding haze

His heart still yearned for better days

For it was filled with a youthful pride

That kept others at a stern divide

He tucked himself up under his shell

To keep himself steady and well

For the war he was waging was all in his head

He'd never felt the cold sting of lead

A bullet to him was mere words to most

She'd shot him that night, by the moonlit coast

A partner she'd been, they were happy you see

Well, that's what his mind would like to decree

For her gluttonous needs were too much to bare

But how could he resist that time-tested stare?

She begged and groveled and pleaded for more

Right before she settled the score

She stole his heart right out of his chest,

The love she had claimed had all been a jest

She had possesed the perfect tools

To rob him of all his riches and jewels

So here he lay, clenching tight to his shell

As he vowed to never again fall under her spell

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