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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Just a little creation from earlier today, hope you all enjoy!

Art is Formless

Art takes the form of what we need to express the most,

Before we become nothing but a ghost

As though a mirror to our soul within,

Art creates a gateway inside of our skin

Where we can share all of our feelings inside

About the cold winter nights and the old trails we'd ride

Or the feelings we met when those we'd loved most

Quickly became little more than a ghost,

The feelings that impacted closest to our core

Have the power to bring others in, and have them begging for more

We feed off each other, admitting to our faults

As we slowly coordinate a restorative waltz

A dance of change, of cycles undone

A victory cry of the battles we've won

Art is a formless, timeless song,

Such a somber ballad that we all sing along

We form our art in the shape of our souls

To drive ourselves to reach our wildest goals

So sit with me and show me your craft

Let me gaze upon your life's rough draft.

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