A Sighting
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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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More real life personal stuff, Might update w pictures later but the words mean enough

A Sighting

Today's the day my thoughts renew,

About all of the things I'd thought about you

You came to me with an inebriated smile

My only wish, was for you to not stay a while

But you came and you plead

About your stories of dread

Sure, you step on the road to bettering yourself

But attaining what you need only comes from oneself

So don't you dare find yourself pleading to me

When you find yourself broken and lost in the sea

You know what you need, of that I can see

But only your will can make that thought a reality

Yet, then again, when you do

I might still see your face and feel cold and blue

For I cannot say that I can befriend you for long

Not after all of the things we've gotten wrong

Because no matter what I do, we'll never be the subject of a love song

We couldn't ever retain something that headstrong

No, the closer we got, the more I'd agree

That we're reckless together, a bit too carefree

You bring out the worst in me, of that I can guarantee

All while drawing me away from my true personality

But alas, still did she sit,

Grounded and silent, but she couldn't help but transmit

A divert confusion for our rotten conclusion,

Stuck by her lonesome and needing inclusion

She didn't have to speak a word

Before her posture made herself heard

She wanted to know why today, on the third

That she faces neglect, her thoughts unheard

But to feel bad would be to deny the past

Do you think my feelings would leave that fast?

I knew I looked down upon you with a disapproving sigh

So there's no reason to wonder why you left without saying goodbye.

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