A Last Question To You
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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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A Last Question To You

You study me up and down with dangerous intent

Lost in your eyes, I'd forgotten about the time

Averting from your gaze, I retreat back to vent

Complete control over me you begin to pantomime

Ensnared in the fluidity of your sharp features

Torn in two by the maw of your beauty

Like a middle-school dream of kissing you under the bleachers

But you and your lips are far more than snooty

Stopping my ill-fated attempts at lust

With a bold hand to push away from my clutch

Leaving my rock-hard skull concussed

Who'd have thought one could fall in love at the textile of a touch

Today I'll ask my final question to you

Will I ever get the chance to reexperience your ecstacy?

Will the passion I learned ever rensue?

Or will you snuff out our flame with your ice-cold weaponry?

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