A Final Inflection
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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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This doesn't need pictures, I just need to post this

A Final Inflection

Tonight we danced around each other with grace

The anxiety of our silence causing us to pick up the pace

Looks were exchanged, that much can be said

Maybe my true intentions happened to be misread

It's true, the thing I want most is to be away from you

I no longer want to be a postboard where you can paste your problems with glue

I've got my own life to lead, battles left to be won

So please don't treat my hostility like a loaded gun

I just didn't know any other scheme to get away,

That used to be something I'd ponder every single day

Look me in my eyes and see

This contempt was never meant to be

But I needed a way to make my escape

Ditching you covered my true intentions like a drape

I looked at you then turned to look back at myself

I pondered what we actually did to each others health

The tint of booze on your breath isn't your only problem, there's more to our tale

A stench of toxicity raises each time we're together, tainting anyone who dared to inhale

We aren't fit to be together, of that I'm completely sure

I said my goodbyes in hopes to see you grow and mature

While I'll admit I don't know if I can be happy around you

I'll still secretly hope that a day'll come where I can see you, it'll be as if you're brand new

Cognitive, secure and happy, that's all I want to see

That and many other perks, all aquired by your decree

Because I've realised a girl as guarded as you can't be helped by my personal means

I mean, after all, we're only just teens

Living in a small town too miniscule for hate

I hope if you read these words it'll help you sedate

Any feelings of contempt you feel, feel them as hard as you can

I just hope you can use that hate to fuel a ground plan

Repair your torn soul, don't let the demons in your head devour

The thought that deep down, you're still a graceful sunflower

As I feel it there somewhere deep in your skin

Even though your personality has gotten stale and worn thin

I still have hope for you to suceed

But I've gotta admit, your abscence has me feeling freed

I've got a great thing going here with myself

A bond developed to add to my mental health

A link between my head and my heart,

mended together after you broke them apart

So let this be known as my final inflection,

I enjoy being in control of my lifes direction

Ever since I sent you out with a sudden ejection

I've found myself coming closer and closer to perfection.

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