The black wall
The black wall short story stories

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The black wall

I see the world, like the rest of you. I see it with my two eyes. So real, so true. Though how come did i wake up this morning seeing it differently?

I tried my best, to look at it the same. Though all I see is a wall. A black one indeed.

No, I am not lying. For it's a wall with one crack. Wait, no two cracks. No, no, no three. There is a fourth one, tenth one. Cracks are forming and forming. Ever so quickly.

Then it stop. Yes, the wall stopped cracking. I know it sounds so silly and queer. Though it's all true. Of course, 100% true just like you are. You see, the whole black wall has cracks. Though it never broke. It never feel down. Yes, I know it seems impossible. Though it's true. Absolutely, all of it.

Listen, so I thought to my self that I might have been ill. No, I'm not ill. Just listen. okay? You'll understand. So I thought, and looked. Until I found what the wall was. It was the...

earth! Breaking apart slowly, and slowly. Getting destroyed. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and very concerning. Don't be afraid. I belive we have a while before it breaks down.


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