Another Day, Another Shooting
Another Day, Another Shooting rest in peace stories

a_rozzy Community member
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Sensationalized news contributes to the violence, where are the protests, the uproar, the riots?

Another Day, Another Shooting

Locked in, got the glock in, clock in

Act natural, don't attract attention to the natural selection of irrational behavior making national news

Violent psychotics will only fuel the psychosis so don't pay attention to the intention towards the potential abuse, it'll serve no purpose other than to further lighten the fuse

Body count low, high, doesn't matter as long as there's blood spatter and brain matter, shooter's insane let's put his face on every state paper, on every television set

Let the kids know what'll happen if they decide to get a little upset, no life sentences just a life time of acceptance from angsty teenagers

Just future apprentices using unrepentant vengeance as a method of venting

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