2018 Midterms
2018 Midterms 2018 midterm elections stories

a_rozzy Community member
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MAGA, Blue Wave, it's all the same anyways

2018 Midterms

It's not a blue wave but D.C. is about to change

Reds going insane, want P.C. to be washed away

Libs robbing and rioting, pink hats get tiring, they call themselves fags, I heard McDonalds was hiring

Trump lost the Senate but regained the House, in comes new tenants, forego word of mouth

All this constant complaining, we're in a state of explaining why one side is wrong while the other is draining either the swamp or the people in it, you're just a pawn,

dont let yourself forget it

Constant repression from both sides, depression in our insides, inside our minds, preying on our emotional states, each vote was a "fuck you for making me feel this way"

We got Roy Moore and Kavanaugh, Cory Booker, I cant name them all, each accused but are they guilty, only God knows if they're filthy

Each side blames the other, point the finger at Clinton or Russia, whine about division without realizing that was the plan from the start,

start the friction to tear the country apart so they call for a recount but the counting is done digitally, the computer can't fuck up, there is no digital trickery

How about we focus on finding missing children instead of complaining our rights have been violated

Where are the marches for more police investigations on the Delphi murders and the Jayme Closs situation

No, instead we get the same old complaints, "my gender isn't recognized," imaginary constraints

Anyone can be anything if they call themselves it, stop the blaming, complaining, the faux P.C. bullshit

None of this matters, focus on something important

But it's a pipe dream, a portrait of a serpent circling an orphan, until its tail and mouth meet and complete the distortion

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