You Can't Hold Me Forever
You Can't Hold Me Forever  dark1song stories

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This is a entry for a poetry contest for @darkestmind. I picked the song "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John for my entry.

Anyways, this one turned pretty dark.

You Can't Hold Me Forever

You know you can’t hold me forever Not when our worlds are drifting so far apart This journey you and I are on The path is splitting into two.

Your road dark and uncertain Thorns poking your skin along the way I can only watch from afar With tears glistening in my eyes For the man I love will have to go on.

My road is one of uncertainly A calm eerie that no else has explored I must move forward with trembling feet It took a long time to get here But I always thought we would cross together.

I yearn to be in your strong arms again Even though we sometimes fought At least we were still not so far apart I turn back to face you.

Looking down I see my old wrinkled body Pale and gray as stone How ironic and fitting for what would represent me.

You take my cold hand in yours Tears falling down… down.. down Whispering words of courage Words I could still hear.

I give one last gentle kiss Brushing my fingers against your cheek I whispered back words of love: “I’ll see you again someday” Hoping you would hear them To set you on your feet again.

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