Without an Umbrella
Without an Umbrella  umbrella stories
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This is my entry for the daily prompt "umbrella"

Without an Umbrella

The sky grew gray When we drifted far apart Little drops rained down on me.

Standing in an empty field The wind rustled the wheat Rain tapped against the dirt My clothes sticking tight Against my cold skin.

I felt my mind shutting down As the gray turned black Flashes of memories Too hot against my torn heart Filled with passion I wish I could forget.

Thundering booms of laugher Echo in my storming mind Remnants of our yesterdays Leave me hallow wishing for more.

The storm raged on No shelter in sight Not even small umbrella To save me from this fright.

The sun hidden Among many layers of gloom I fear for my life As it is filled with doom.

It is when the storm Is at its peak with fury When a small light Shines through like a beacon.

I squint my eyes through the rain Seeing someone brand new His gentle smile beamed hope Through the clouds of sorrow Holding out his umbrella To shelter me from this storm.

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