White Rabbit
White Rabbit  rabbit stories

a_r_thomas The Bookish Hobbit
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Today's word of the day is "Rabbit"!

As a pet owner... I wanted to explore this reality. Especially with the pandemic in mind. I hope you all enjoy the piece.

White Rabbit

I saw life flash before my eyes Tears stung as I took A shallow burning breath I didn’t want to leave her behind.

I remembered it like yesterday After You left me I felt so bare One day walking by All the colorful shops One managed to capture my eye.

It was a pet shop A little bell chimed The happy tune Welcoming me inside.

I didn’t mean for it to happen Yet, when I saw her there Those precious brown eyes Captured my heart For I knew she was mine.

Just like Alice in Wonderland I too followed my white rabbit My sweet girl lit the light That Your death snuffed out That cold winter night.

I loved my sweet girl As she hopped and played Nibbling on sweet grass Even nipping my vegetables.

With all the laughter and love That she gave to me I would have allowed her To eat all the vegetables in the world.

So many years went by My faithful white rabbit By my side.

When I caught wind of Death The Devil squeezing my lungs Of the life I finally reclaimed My heart was torn in two.

It's not fair...

It's not fair... It's not fair...

It's not fair... It's not fair... I'm not ready to die...

I begged my mother To please love my white rabbit For Alice has fallen And she might not come out again.

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