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This is for the daily contest which is "seed". I wrote about my struggles with finding a "purpose" in life, and not believing I really have one. However, we all do and I think it is to grow and learn. Enjoy!

The Weed

Everyone starts as a seed Me and you we begin the same Each one a different flower

A perky daisy

A sweet rose

Or an innocent lily.

Me? I’m sure I’m a weed Short and stout that’s me All the other’s far prettier Than my ugly seed.

When rain comes all the others grow Their roots strong

Stems straight against the spring breeze

Their colors shine under the summer sun

All with a purpose collected in autumn

When winter comes they will be used to heal.

I don’t know what I’m for No one picks me And I have no thought for the future Not the prettiest in the garden Nor the smartest against prey.

It’s a hopeless thing To live in the unknown Waiting to be picked Just for once first Not last or not at all.

It was another year long gone When the sun shine And a child giggled Plucked me up from the ground.

Her smile wide looking at me Nothing more than a silly weed Clutching me in her hands Running home ever so fast.

Her mother said I was a dandelion A pretty flower and a lovely gift Full of vitamins for good health My yellow petals like the sun Representing love, hope, and happiness.

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