The Lonely Pill Popper
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a_r_thomas Yes, this is Rosie_Posie1's account ^_^
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Sometimes I get a song in my head. I've also been inspired by "Intervention".

The Lonely Pill Popper

I had one too many My body like silly puddy My mind so high Heart's racin' fast

But I ain't coming back

No, I ain't coming back

I'm just a lonely Pill poppin' fool Who wanted to feel numb But it just went too far.

Will you hold me tight?

Kiss me goodnight?

Tell me you love me?

Even thought I'm a lonely pill popper.

I'm crashing down like a falling star Into the dark abyss The cold is creeping in As everything slows down And I go to my knees

Oh God will you open your arms?

Show me to the light?

I'm afraid of the dark

Because the grim reaper is waiting for me.

I took one too many And I've crashed Into the black abyss Will anyone love This lonely pill popper?

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