The Pear Tree
The Pear Tree pear stories

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Something for the daily prompt, and I honestly surprised myself with this one haha.

The Pear Tree

I wish I could go back

I wish I could go back To yesterday...

I remember a day Before our family split Mom and dad still in love I felt so happy then.

We went to an orchard Where pears grew on trees.

I was only seven then Still smiling and giggling Against the bright summer sun The leaves whispered In the gentle wind.

I reached up towards a pear My tip-toes not tall enough Daddy picked me up And placed me on his shoulders So I could reach the sweet fruit.

Now when I go To the produce section I could still feel The pride I felt When I reached the pear.

When I look at pears...

Green as apple lollipops...

Yellow as lemon drops ...

Red as grape pops...

I think back

I think back To those happier days

When we were still whole.

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