Becoming the Woman I am Today
Becoming the Woman I am Today haircut stories

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Today's word was "haircut" please enjoy!

Becoming the Woman I am Today

The little girl I used to be Was replaced the woman I am But first came the teenager Who neglected and hated herself.

That teenage girl Let herself be consumed with Her own self loathing And ate her sorrows.

One pound turned into

One pound turned into Ten...

One pound turned into Ten... Twenty...

One pound turned into Ten... Twenty... Then finally thirty before hitting rock bottom.

Many words floated around Her tormented mind As she covered her body in sweats And thick out of control hair.

That was until she finally realized What she had done to herself All this time as she stepped On the scale for the first time.

One hundred and seventy-nine point eight pounds. A number I could never forget One that gave me stretch marks Size eighteen jeans And all this self hatred.

That's when I decided I was going to change To blossom into the woman I wanted to be!

Trade in bingeing on sweets to eating apples Losing nearly sixty pounds All to keep the doctors at bay.

Replace my ugly sweats With dresses and skirts To become the princess I knew I was meant to be.

I cut off all of my hair Eight inches gone from my head Who knew a haircut would help Finally free me at last!

I replaced all those bitter words With those filled with love For I have come too far To let them consume me again.

Eating healthy portions and meals... Wearing dresses and skirts... My hair in a sweet bob Words of love fill my world That is the woman I am today.

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