Remnants of My Love for You
Remnants of My Love for You  romance stories

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This poem discusses the fear of telling someone "I Love you" and fall-out of that fear.

Remnants of My Love for You

As the porch swing creaked My feet tapped against the old wood floor The autumn breeze sang its mellow tune As I looked back on those yesteryears.

Warm sunny days with crisp blue skies Made my soul feel whole and at home I remember those days better than most Because they were with you.

We were so young then Opposites in every way They said we would fall in love Our reply was we would stay friends.

My heart under lock and key I never knew those warm sunny days Would turn a bitter monochrome gray All because I lost you.

I remember when I could not deny My heart wanted only you Your friend filled me with bitter rage Yet I could not understand why I hated her so much all this time.

There then came a day When we finally said “goodbye” I opened my mouth to finally let out Those precious words I yearned to say Yet I couldn’t… I was too afraid…

Forever in my heart The words “I love you” was locked away That’s where the remnants of my love For you will forever remain.

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