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This is for the daily poetry challenge which is about puppet's!

This Poem talks about how at times in life, we may feel like someone else in control.

Puppet Master

On stage for them all to see The painted smile on me Strings attached to my hands As they point and laugh to see me dance.

Never would they see What is truly going on inside My tormented swirling mind A new paint job is all I need To look happy and filled with glee.

In my mind’s eyes I’m curled up In a tiny tight ball rocking away But the strings are tugged Time to jump up on stage again Giving them their show Only to make a fool of me again.

Why, oh why, must I be attached to strings? Forced to carry on with mundane things? They always laugh at me when I’m on stage Wouldn’t it be better if I just went far away?

However, the puppet master is always near He forces me to keep on playing this game Making the strings jiggle to force me to dance Painting on false smile to hide my salty tears Sewing pretty outfits to hide my flesh.

But in the end he will throw me away Allowing me to feel nothing at all No more paint, strings, dances, or even an audience I got what I wanted to be all alone Yet why do I feel so hollow?

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