Precious White Angel Wings
Precious White Angel Wings  feelings stories

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This is for @silver_nebula 's contest where we had to include a line as a theme. My choice was: "Raindrops splattered against the window like a a thousand mirror shards" please enjoy!

Precious White Angel Wings

I was nothing but a fool My mother warned me not to My father forbid me not to Play such foolish games.

My arms stretched wide Ready to catch the wind A smile beaming on my face As the sun gives me a kiss.

I’m like a pretty bird Flying high with my Precious white angle wings No one at all to tell me no

I flew by my house Peeking into the windows I saw what I wish I could take back.

Mama sat in the kitchen A wine glass in hand But her face buried in her arms Her shoulders quivered With horrid grief.

I bit my lip and flew above To where my room was Papa stood in the middle Holding my shirt Never once did I see him Shed the many tears he did then.

I felt rain against my cheek Raindrops splattered on the window Like a thousand broken mirror shards Like a million broken pieces of my parents hearts…

I wanted to reach them But my hand touched the cold glass instead

Didn’t they know? When that truck hit my bike I grew my precious white angel wings? And now can fly even higher than before.

But I wished so badly I hadn’t played such a foolish game Because all I really want Is to hug and kiss My Mama and Papa again.

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