Ocean Bride
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When an old man meets his beloved wife again.

Ocean Bride

I caught a glimpse of her As the waves crashed against the sand Her hands clenched behind her back Head tipped towards the heavens.

In shock, yes I was The beautiful bride had been long gone For far too long.

I reached out with my withered hand Veins like ivy wrapped around my arm Poking my skin like purple thorns My bones creaked as I took a timid step Hoping for a chance to hold her again.

Ahh yes she was a beauty But not once did she turn to me The warm sun shined on her face Her eyes closed in sweet bliss Her lips moved but not a sound came For the waves crashed and seagulls sang.

I called out for my darling wife My heart ached for many years Long after she departed.

A faint smile full of yearning for yesteryears Wet tears filled my vision As my wife held out a hand Only a suggestion she said But for me it was a command.

Death forced us to part ways But only for a spell As we reunited under the ocean swell At home at last the seagulls sang Home indeed for it had been far too long.

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