My Last Good Day
My Last Good Day reflective stories

a_r_thomas The Bookish Hobbit
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My entry for @queenkammie's contest for autumn! A reflective poem taking place on a cancer patient's last good. day.

My Last Good Day

I didn’t know when The warm October sun rose And the cool autumn breeze Tickled the colored trees This would be my last good day.

I didn’t know then As I sat on the porch swing Looking into the crisp blue sky Mom made me my favorite drink Warm pumpkin spice cocoa.

I didn’t know then When She kissed my forehead Stroked my pale cheeks Wrapped her warm arms around me And told me how much she loved me.

I didn’t know then The inner war my body fought Was coming to its final battle Cancer would gobble up All my white cells whole.

I didn’t know then When the bright colored leaves Fell far from the trees This would be the last time. I smelt something so pure.

I didn’t know then When the mourning doves Sang their precious song It was all for me As my soul was ready to go.

I didn’t know then As the aches and pains Dulled only but for a moment In my mother’s warm arms That tomorrow she would be childless.

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