My Last Farewell to You
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I had a wonderful friend who suffered from a rare, x-chromosomal muscular disease. He was unable to walk, talk, and many other things. Yet, he was the most loving soul in the entire world.

I almost lost him in our freshmen year over a flu bug that made him go into a coma. My class was told he might die, and I felt a piece of my soul die too knowing his mom would be all alone.

However, we didn't lose him. I was able to visit him on last time, but I didn't know it would be. This is my poem directed to him as my final farewell. This person I swear to you taught me what a true friend was again, and for that I will be forever grateful for him,

My Last Farewell to You

I never did get to say goodbye Out world ripped in two.

When you fell ill Your mind whisked away To a faraway place only darkness dwelled My soul felt but only sorrow Because I knew I might lose you.

Every day I prayed for you Not just because I wanted you to stay But I knew your mother’s heart would break in two I could not bare the thought of her losing her only son

I asked God to please spare you this one time To spare your mother the horrific pain.

God listened to our prayers Slowly you were returned to us I was granted the gift to visit you Not knowing this was our last time I felt excitement but also fear For I didn’t know what to expect anymore.

When I saw you old friend, I wanted to take away the suffering you endured My heart broke to see you struggle to stay awake Just long enough for a visit together We laughed, smiled, and there were remnants of our lives before.

Your nurse walked in and took my aside She told me something that later made me cry The words she spoke were that of thanks A thank you for giving you a chance to be my friend Even though you were different you were my friend. It was our friendship that gave you the strength to keep going My name woke you up from the slog of illness.

But my friend, you saved me too You taught me who a true friend should be In a time where my world crumbled You taught me patience and acceptance My goodness you were patient with me all this time.

I wanted to tell you goodbye, but I never got the chance. I was a hair too late during graduation practice, And a minute too late as I tried to find you In a sea of graduates and their parents

But my god did I clap the loudest when you got up on stage Was there a tear then? Perhaps. It was one of happiness.

And in this poem I say farewell to you My friend who came when I needed one One who retaught me the meaning of friendship Thank you, oh thank you For I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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