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Hello, today's challenge is "Curve". I wanted to talk about my journey to accepting the curves god gave me. From the inner criticism I kept to myself at age 5ish, from my binge eating days, to now the healthy woman I am! If you have a story in the came category leave it below and I will read it!

My Curves

As a young girl I looked in the mirror And hated what I saw.

Every flaw was obvious Not a hint of beauty In my big innocent blue eyes.

I believed as I grew I would be just as beautiful As all the women in my life Who were like gems to me.

When I grew up My height stopped Before I was even twelve Five feet, that’s all I got Just enough to sit in the front seat.

My body gave me curves Big boobs that weight my chest down Big hips for babies I would never have Thighs that held all my fat And a tiny waist that could not hide My growing disgust for this body of mine.

Girls loved to stare Called me fat and giggled with glee I was tortured in my PE class My teacher still gives me a heart attack Even when I’m almost twenty-two.

I hated this body of mine I called myself nothing more Than a worthless pig I ate away my stress And gained weight from distress.

One day I realized I let it go too far Tears of horror of what I had done To this beautiful body of mine Abusing food for self-hatred I stood tall then and made a vow To make it right again.

Fifty pounds is what I lost But I still see the fat girl Staring back at me I love my curves now But my god has it been hard To become the woman I am today.

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