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A part two to my first poem "My Curves" and is also for the daily prompt which is "Owner". I'm proud to own this body of mine and I love my beautiful curves.

I Love My Curves

As a young woman I look in the mirror now And I love what I see.

Every flaw has been long gone With only my beauty that remains In my big determined blue eyes

I believe now That I am just as beautiful As all the other women in my life Who are like gems to me.

I’m all grown up My height not a problem Not even now at almost twenty-two Five feet is all I’ve got Just enough to stand tall on my own.

My body gave me curves instead A large chest, big hips, and a tiny waist Thighs that hold me up high Giving me an hour-glass figure That could not hide My growing love for this body of mine.

Girls loved to stare Calling me funny and cute I am well-loved in my company Making my heart melt with pure joy Over my loving second family.

I love this body of mine I call myself nothing more Than a beautiful human Who loves her friends and family And gained confidence from acceptance.

One day I realized that I do have it all Tears of gratitude for this life I lead Not only because of this body of mine But my love and passion for life Food is no longer my enemy but an ally I stand tall and kept my vow

Fifty pounds means nothing to me That fat girl in the mirror Staring back at me I know she is just the past For here I stand now owning these curves

I want to spread this love to others.

I want this love to last.

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